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At Synechron, we believe in the power of digital to transform businesses for the better. Our global consulting firm combines creativity and innovative technology to deliver industry-leading digital solutions. Synechron’s progressive technologies and optimization strategies span end-to-end Consulting, Design, Cloud, Data, and Engineering, servicing an array of noteworthy financial services and technology firms. Through research and development initiatives in our FinLabs we develop solutions for modernization, from Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to Data Science models, Digital Underwriting, mobile-first applications and more. Over the last 20+ years, our company has been honored with multiple employer awards, recognizing our commitment to our talented teams. With top clients to boast about, Synechron has a global workforce of 14,500+, and has 43 offices in 17 countries within key global markets.

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Why join Synechron?

We are in constant search for talented and enthusiastic people who are passionate about working with our clients and being the best ambassadors for our company.

Job Description

Your mission:

To reinforce the Synechron Switzerland team, we are looking for a Senior ML Ops Engineer for AI ML applications. Our mission is for one of our clients, a major/global financial institution in Zurich.

Your responsibilities:

    • Join a newly formed centralised MLOps team to build (& support) tools and setup automation that improve the efficiency and productivity of data scientists.
    • Work closely and support data scientists and engineers in delivering solutions that bring cost savings to the client.
    • Some example projects are:
      • (i) Automating the packaging of models and deployment into an environment, with traceability on model version, experimentation and control checks
      • (ii) Enable continuous model monitoring to track model performance metrics (accuracy), detect performance and data drift, and generate anomaly and impact alerts where there is data quality or model degradation.
      • (iii) Establish security protection (malicious code execution, prompt injection attacks, data leakage, access control, encryption in transit/rest, IAM, etc.) in the ecosystem
      • (iv). Assist in decoupling the AI model from the hosting IT application.


Your profile and skills:

  • You justify a Master’s degree or equivalent in computer science, information systems, or another relevant field;
  • You possess minimum 6 to 8+ years of practical experience in the field of machine learning and AI;
  • You have a solid experience in the banking industry, with particular expertise in global financial institutions;
  • You are a polyglot developer, able to code (or learn quickly) multiple languages, such as python, java, javascript, html, golang, etc
  • You like to quickly pickup multiple technologies and use them in the correct manner.
  • You have strong knowledge on know CI/CD pipelines and Agile frameworks, preferably with the MLOps context.
  • You possess good familiarity with technologies such as: SciKit-Learn, TensorFlow, Torch, ChatGPT, Llama, LangChain (or equivalent), RAG, Model Security, Jupyter Notebook / JupyterLab, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, E2E Testing, ETL/ELT, Python Virtual Environment, Containerization with Docker/Podman, GitLab, Azure DevOps, Kubernetes, Azure Load Balancer, Communication Standards, Communication Security, Non-functional KPIs (performance, scalability…), Splunk, Graphana, Kubernetes Container Monitoring.
  • You produce secure and clean code that is stable, scalable, operational, and well-performing.
  • You understand the security principles in the banking systems, and be up to date with the latest standards (security, best practices) in IT.
  • You have good knowledge in SQL, NoSQL, Vector DB, Graph DB (is a plus)
  • You are a team player with good communication and interpersonal skills;
  • You are customer-oriented, committed, with a hands-on mentality.
  • You speak English (German would be a plus);
  • You possess a valid Swiss work permit, or you are EU national and willing to relocate to Zurich.

Additional Information

What we offer you:

  • Up to 5 days of training per year;
  • A monthly support to finance lunches;
  • Financing of certifications on request;
  • A competitive salary package;
  • Free and unlimited access to our global E-learning platform -> 16,000 modules available;
  • An annual license to access our training platform for Finance/Banking in order to improve your knowledge in different functional areas of your choice;
  • A working environment - certifiedGREAT PLACE TO WORK (95% satisfaction);
  • A close-knit team, our support, proximity, regular feedback and top events.

If you believe you are the right candidate, please submit your application! We look forward to receiving your application.


Zürich, Switzerland

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Job Posted:
1 week ago
Job Expires:
2mos 2w
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Full Time

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