What you’ll be able to do: 
•    Acquire deep understanding of the business problems and translate them into appropriate mathematical representations
•    Work with large, complex data sets using tools such as SQL, Google Cloud Services, Hadoop, Alteryx, Python
•    Develop and deliver business solutions using skills such as data acquisition, data engineering, programming, and visualization. 
•    Design intuitive visual interfaces for users to interact with the data using dashboard and programming software
•    Develop and deliver analytic products using skills such as statistical analysis, machine learning, algorithm design, and interface development
•    Interpret modeling results and communicate them to technical and non-technical audiences, cross-functional teams and leadership
•    Interact and work cross-functionally with a wide variety of teams 
•    Develop trust with stakeholders and peers by delivering results on time
•    Ensure overall quality of the data & solutions throughout the analytic development process
•    Work with business teams on change management
•    Provide training and maintenance of implemented tools to business partners
•    Collect feedback from business users and continuously improve analytic products
The minimum requirements we seek:
•    Bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Data Science, Computer Science or a related quantitative discipline
•    One year of experience or other significant, independent project experience using at least one statistical software package such as R or Python, 
•    3+ months of experience using SQL for acquiring and transforming data
•    3+ months of experience with real-world data, data cleaning, data collection or other data wrangling challenges
Our preferred requirements:
•    Masters or PhD in quantitative field, such as (but not limited to) Statistics, Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics, Data Science, Operations Research
•    2+ years of work experience with Python, SQL, and/or visualization/dashboard tools (such as Tableau, PowerBI or Qliksense) 
•    2+ years of work experience in data mining, statistical analysis, modeling, optimization or similar analytics
•    Comfortable working in an environment where problems are not always well-defined
•    Inquisitive, proactive, and interested in learning new tools and techniques 
•    Proven quantitative modeling and statistical analysis skills
•    Strong oral, written and interpersonal communication skills
•    Ability to effectively advocate technical solutions to peer, management and business audiences 
•    Well-organized, a self-starter, independent and ready to work with minimal supervision
•    A respectful and committed teammate, willing to excel and work with talented people
•    Work experience in automotive industry is a big plus, as is experience in a procurement, logistics or program management function

  • Understanding the Business problem and formulating the analytical problem
  • Apply machine learning, data mining and text mining techniques to create scalable solutions for business problems
  • Develop NLP models to process text in different languages (German, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and more)
  • Speech to text translation for Video/Audio NLP Analysis
  • Generative AI application for Market Research data
  • Train, tune, validate, and monitor predictive models 
  • Analyze and extract relevant information from large amounts of Ford’s historical business data, both in structured and unstructured formats
  • Establish scalable, efficient, automated processes for large scale data analyses
  • Develop and deploy Data Science models on cloud platforms like GCP, Azure, AWS. 
  • 3-4 years of industry experience
  • Bachelor's in Engineering/ M.S. or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Operational research, Statistics, Applied mathematics, or in a related field
  • Experience with SQL database 
  • Knowledge in fundamental text data processing (like use of regex, token/word analysis, spelling correction/noise reduction in text, segmenting noisy unfamiliar sentences/phrases at right places, deriving insights from clustering, etc.,)
  • Excellent problem solving, communication, and data presentation skills
  • Flexibility to work on multiple projects/domains/tools
  • Collaborative skills to work with business teams.
  • Comfort level to code in Tensorflow and/or Pytorch, Numpy and Pandas, Scikit-learn
  • Comfort level to use two/more of open source NLP modules like SpaCy, HuggingFace, TorchText, fastai.text, farm-haystack, and others


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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